About Us

Easy Crutch - Mick Hanna

We are Easy Crutch, Inc.

We have developed a mobility product meant to completely change how people with below-the-knee injuries meet the challenges of daily life.

Our Story

On March 12, 2009, I ruptured my right Achilles tendon while playing basketball. A week later I had surgery to repair it. I was non-weight bearing a total of 6 weeks. Even before the surgery, I went on line looking for a "crutch substitute."  What I found were knee scooters, which would not work well with the stairs at home and work.  After looking for "knee scooter substitutes," I was disapointed and created my own solution.

Easy Crutch - A Freedom Device - Logo

I pulled together a team and started to work on a new mobility device, we call it Easy Crutch.  Instead of tying down both hands and arms by using crutches, we invented a device that allowed me to have a hand free without being dependent on bulky, clumsy wheels.  
To increase your mobility, independence and freedom and to improve your overall quality of life while you are healing.