I am looking to purchase the easy crutch, however, on the off chance I cannot walk with it as anticipated,

what is your return policy?

Asked by Lacie from Texas

We want you to be satisfied. That is why we give our Satisfaction Guarantee. If the newly purchased Easy Crutch doesn’t meet your needs within 3 days, you may return it for a full refund. Simply contact us at about your "intention to return". We will provide you the return shipping address and repackaging instructions. You will be responsible for the return shipping charges. Once we receive it in the same condition you received it, we will send you a check for the entire purchase price.  

How is Easy Crutch different than regular crutches?

Typical crutches require more upper body strength, balance, and can be quite limiting since you need both hands to operate. They are generally worth what you pay for them...not very much. Easy Crutch is much easier to use, requires much less strength and balance to operate, and also frees up a hand for carrying things and extra stability when needed.

Easy Crutch gives you the freedom to recover while still remaining active. We believe it is the best answer when compared to crutches and well worth the extra money.

Will my Insurance pay for Easy Crutch?

Please check with your insurance company if these types of medical devices are covered under your insurance.

In order to be reimbursed for the Easy Crutch purchase, print this form and have your physician submit this form to your insurance:  Insurance Reimbursement Form (PDF)

Does Easy Crutch offer options for the pad at the knee? I know many people with sensitive knees like myself.

Asked by Mark from Florida

We are currently working on an additional removable, washable knee pad that will help with sensitive knees. As with all new products, improvements take time and are encouraged by valuable feedback like yours. Thanks!

How do Doctor's decide which type of crutch to "Prescribe"?

Asked by Gary from Michigan

We are actively working on improving awareness of the Easy Crutch with health care professionals. We are trying to help them see the clear advantage for their patients, the independent recovery that is possible with Easy Crutch, and the freedom it provides. If your Doctor has prescribed a Knee Walker (scooter) then you can use the Easy Crutch.

Can I use my HSA fund for an Easy Crutch?

Asked on FaceBook by Tyler from Michigan
Yes!  You can use your HSA funds for the purchase of Easy Crutch.  See IRS form: HSA Qualified Medical Expenses - Form p502, page 7.