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"Due to surgery, I was instructed to be non-weight bearing on my foot for 6 weeks. The knee pad on the Easy Crutch was very adjustable to the correct height and was very comfortable. I used a knee walker for a short period of time but found it too awkward to manuever throughout my house. Collapsing the knee walker and getting it in and out of my car was extremely difficult. It took me about 5 minutes to find the balance point with the Easy Crutch but then I LOVED it! 
  I was no longer dependent on someone else. It was effortless to get in and out of tough places like the car or the shower. I was even able to return to work quickly! It was great to be able to be "hands free" while using the Easy Crutch. I was still able to do dishes, laundry, etc. The best part of the Easy Crutch over regular crutches is NO SORE ARMPITS! I would highly recommend the Easy Crutch to anyone who must be non-weight bearing for any period of time."
Satisfied Easy Crutch User

"When I unexpectedly found myself on crutches due to a broken ankle I was shocked by how hard it was to navigate my daily life. Crutches struck me as a centuries old invention that induced more pain, limited possibilities, and - at least for one as uncoordinated as me - increased my chance of further stumbles. I knew there had to be a better way, but as friends suggested wheelchairs, wheel scooters, and even a walker offered to me by a senior citizen, none of those choices seemed to fit my life as a busy business person cruising from meeting to meeting with a temporarily broken ankle. I was dismayed there wasn't a better crutch and that technology had not advanced in such a fundamental area. 
  Then, like magic, I found Easy Crutch. It transformed the experience of being injured by providing the comfort, stability, and the gift of a free hand while moving with an immovable leg. Easy Crutch took the human perspective in their invention, and it shows."
Professional Entreprenuer

"I started out on crutches after breaking my foot. I found it difficult to consistently keep balance, carry things and crutch long distances. After about a week, I tried the Easy Crutch. It increased the quality of my life instantaneously. I found it easy to use and it created a situation where my upper body did not fatigue during prolonged use of the Easy Crutch. It made it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. I could use my free arm to carry items. I was once again useful around the house and able to help with chores. 
  I also was provided a knee scooter to use and once I received the Easy Crutch, I rarely used the scooter at work. The scooter was difficult to use in making sharp turns and nearly impossible to use in tight spaces. Use of the Easy Crutch made a difficult situation easier to get through and for that I will always be grateful to Mick and his Easy Crutch!"
School counselor and coach


"Unfortunately, I need to return my Easy Crutch.  It has nothing to do with the device itself.  The main problem is that my surgery included a bone graft taken from my upper tibia and because of that and the suture, I can't kneel comfortably on the knee plate (or an anything for that matter.)  If not for that, I really liked the way that I could maneuver single-handed with the crutch.  It was very easy to assemble and learn to use."


Not a good candidate



"As we suspected, I was 100x better at it by the end of the day.  I gained the rhythm and quickly started taking longer strides and lifting it up higher with each stride.  I loved it.  

The feeling of stability, and even moreso getting the use of that hand back, and feeling like I could stand normally and interact made me feel like I had evolved back to a person from a caveman.   I thought it was phenomenal."


Happy recovery



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